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Automatic packaging line

The main role of the line is the packaging of different types of sets of components in polythene bags that our customers use for installation or as a package to accompany your product.

Packaging Line can count and package different kinds of components, either fasteners alone or a combination of metal and plastic parts.

The line consists of the following components:

vibrating hopper
counting unit
controls the weight that is placed on the panel and the counter module can select the most sensitive products, tolerances of 0.3 g
for manual filling
an input conveyor arranged to transport the product to the packaging machine
hermal printer to reprint the data directly on the foil
vertical machine for forming, filling and heat sealing of the individual packages from a flexible film role
discharge conveyor for finished packages
weight control for individual packages


Packing line

Packaging various types of sets of components in polyethylene bags on automatic packing line.

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